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The Sweatpants (401)

The Sweatpants (401)

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Willy California Court Sports Network (CSN) has exclusively partnered with Willy California to bring our viewers the best athletic wear to improve their game, on and off the court!

You can live in a pair of our mid-weight fleece sweatpants without anybody giving you a hard time. They are cut slim so you get comfort with a cool factor and zero complaints. These sweatpants are great for lounging on the couch or on a plane to Tokyo.

Pairs with 501 THE ZIP-UP HOODIE

CSN finds that Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.


80% Poly | 20% Tencel
Side Pockets, Key Pocket with Security Zipper, Back Right Pocket

Made in California


Hollywood | Black Solid
Monterey | Dark Gray Heather
Mendocino | Medium Gray Solid
Venice | Cobalt Solid

Size & Fit
S 31" 38” 33”
M 33” 40” 33”
L 35” 42” 33”
XL 37” 44” 33”
XXL 39” 46” 33”

Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach when needed.


What are the Willy California Sweatpants?

Finally, a pair of sweatpants that help you live the dream. And we're not talking about your typical track pants or joggers. We’ve all been there: Rolling out of bed on Sunday morning looking for the laziest of rest day Sundays. Coffee, an iPad and a deep couch. That’s why we spent so much time looking for the perfect and most comfortable item - The Sweatpants. The apotheosis of clothing achievement.

When the world is getting more and more hectic every day, that treasured downtime needs our attention. Willy California has great clothes for your 2-hour circuit training but this is not that item.

Every guy needs an insanely comfortable pair of fleece sweatpants that they can pair with their favorite sweatshirt that society won’t judge you for basically living in. With precision engineering from a mill that is synonymous with great outdoor fabric, Willy created a blend of natural fibers and mid-weight fleece with a degree of softness that is incredible. Comfort and performance in one package.  Willy finished them off with a stylish cut to keep you looking sharp just in case you decide to leave the couch.

What Makes These Sweatpants So Amazing?

Quite honestly Willy simply married world class comfort and a classic cut to engineer sweatpants that are functional AND presentable making them best sellers. Gone are the days when comfortable sweats have to look like hell.  Give the 401 Sweatpants a shot and take a look at yourself in the mirror. 100% socially acceptable and comfortable as heck.

Willy designed this cut after months of intensive research. 

The trims on the 401 Sweatpants seal the deal. As usual with Willy, they’ve got first class, top of the line YKK zippers and stylish drawstrings. The drawstrings are made with “self” fabric which means that they simply used the great base fabric and rolled them into strings for the waist. Again, built for purpose and thoughtful.

You don’t need a super technical drawstring here, you need something that is soft and comfortable. Just in case [when] you fall asleep on the couch this “self” drawstring will not leave a mark. It’s just the icing on the cake when comfort and style is fused together.

These are subtle on branding with monochromatic logos and attention to detail through and through. You don’t need a loud logo when you are laying on the couch or you want to leave your friends guessing (or staring closely) when you see them on the street.

How to Use the Willy California Men’s Sweatpants?

With most sweats, jogger pants, and any activewear your wife or girlfriend will make you take them off before lunch. But not with Willy. Throw a 201 Athletic Polo on top and you are ready to go. As a sweatsuit option, the 401 Sweatpants pair equally great with both the 501 Zip-Up Hoodie and the 502 Quarter Zip. The 401 Sweatpants are designed to be paired with the 501 Zip-Up Hoodie since the fabric composition is the same. However, a lot of our customers have had great success matching the sweatpants with the 502 Quarter-Zip Pullover. 

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