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The Willy Quarter Zip Polo (502)

The Willy Quarter Zip Polo (502)

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Willy CaliforniaCourt Sports Network (CSN) is excited about our exclusive partnership with Willy California. 

More put-together than a sweatshirt, less dressy than a sweater, the quarter-zip pullover checks a lot of boxes. Warm enough for the beach, relaxed enough for coaching soccer, nice enough to wear out to lunch.

Pairs with 402 Track Pants

CSN finds that Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.


94% Poly | 6% Spandex
Made in California


Hollywood | Black Solid
Mendocino | Medium Gray Solid
Palisades | Dark Gray Solid
Coronado | Navy Blue Solid
Venice | Cobalt Solid

Size & Fit
S 37”
M 40”
L 43”
XL 46”
XXL 49”

Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach when needed.


CSN viewers are asking:  What is the Willy California Quarter ZIp-Pullover?

The 502 Quarter-Zip Pullover is the new business uniform for men. The suit and tie outfit is dead and suits are being donated to charity at a record pace. Maybe, you still need one for weddings, just in case.

Willy California designed the 502 Quarter-Zip Pullover for the whole day. Warm in the morning and super cool the rest of the day. In most business settings we simply aren’t comfortable in a shiny golf shirt with the super high tech fabric and a giant logo. After all, if we plan to sneak out for golf or pickleball later, that is that secret. 

The latest trend of the checkered dress shirt shamefully tucked (or purposefully untucked) behind a Patagonia vest now has a bad name. We all need a layering item that works in any setting.

Whether you sit for 9 hours days behind a desk or hustle from site to site, guys need something that allows them to be versatile and active all day. Dressed up enough for the business meeting and sporty enough for everything else. The Quarter Zip Pullover from Willy California is the most versatile piece in their line.

CSN viewers are asking:  Why are the Willy California Quarter-Zip So Amazing?

We need a layering item that actually can keep up for the whole day. No more carrying a full two wardrobe changes in an old gym bag. The Quarter Zip was designed for court time or working out but has developed a cult following for its layering capability in a professional setting. Sport when you want to be active and professional when you need to be.

Four-way stretch, moisture wicking and a sleek, stylish design. This piece has it all. As usual, the attention to detail is perfect. A subtle, tonal logo that is understated and classy. Great zippers from YKK with the Willy logo on the pull. Most of all the Quarter-Zip is super comfortable. It moves when you move and holds its shape through multiple wears. And never, ever wrinkles when it’s tossed in your racket bag between activities. It comes in three great colors that match easily with everything in Willy's line. Don’t forget to mix and match Willy's shirts to create a pop of color when using the Quarter-Zip as a layering piece.

How to use the Willy California Quarter-Zip?

The Quarter Zip is the evolution of the sweatshirt. Sweatshirts get a bad rep because they tend to be old and ratty. Which doesn’t age well. Above all, the favorite sweatshirt is almost always imprecisely cut as it was designed to fit everyone and therefore fits no one. Most guys look great in the sweatshirt straight out of the box, but as it becomes their favorite over the years it stretches and colors and becomes less and less fashionable every day. If you are twenty, that dingy, worn in look is probably OK, but no one with a job is wearing that look anywhere near the office. Don’t kill the sweatshirt, modernize it.

This is where the 402 Quarter Zip Pullover comes in. Your favorite sweatshirt 2.0. These pullovers are cut to make you look sleek and active. The high tech fabric is blended to simultaneously be soft and form-supporting. It moves when you move and doesn’t wrinkle when it’s tucked away. Most of all, the zipper gives you so many different looks for layering.

The 502 Quarter-zip pullover wins because of this blend of natural polyester with just the right amount of spandex. The polyester is going to give this pullover just the right amount of structure while the spandex gives you some stretch and pull. Not only that, but this blend is legit at moisture wicking and ensuring that even if you’ve got to really push yourself during your (literal) lunch run, you’ll still be dry, cool and fresh when you’re back in the office for your down-the-stretch meetings. 

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